Other statues or memorials in the book from 1919-1945

  • Kitty Godfree
    Wimbledon's Lady Champion Tennis
    All England Club, Wimbledon
  • Jack Hobbs
    The Master Cricket
    The Oval, Kennington (gates)
  • Dixie Dean
    Give it to Dixie Football
    Goodison Park, Liverpool
  • Jimmie Guthrie
    Hawick's Flying Machine Motor sports
    Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick
  • Steve Casey
    The Crusher Rowing & Wrestling
    Sneem, County Kerry
  • Harold Abrahams
    Sprint Champion Athletics
    30 Rutland Road, Bedford (plaque)
  • Dorothy Round
    Wimbledon Champion Tennis
    All England Club, Wimbledon
  • Hyperion
    The Little Horse Horse racing
    101 High Street, Newmarket
  • Bernard Laurence Hieatt
    Racing Star Motor sports
    Reading Old Cemetery, Reading
  • Steve Fairbairn
    Rowing Pioneer Rowing
    Putney, London
  • Jack Beresford
    Olympic Champion Rowing
    Grove Park Gardens, Chiswick, West London (plaque)
Photo of Harold Larwood
Harold Larwood